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Championing and fostering a kinder approach to film-making, in front of and behind the camera!

Kindness in film

The Kindness in Film Summit is a one-day summit that addresses challenges facing the film industry with a ‘Kindness’ mindset that focuses on embracing a kinder and sustainable approach that enhances the well being of creatives, benefits the production company, and the wider industry. In the current climate, suicide and depression statistics will continue to rise, toxic behaviour on sets and within companies condoned and archaic industry practices remain rooted.

It has never been more apparent than now that many practices are unsustainable. If the industry wants to prosper with fresh talent, be seen to be inclusive and representative, with employees and freelancers motivated, happy and committed to producing high quality work, then the urgency to create CHANGE needs to happen now.

Join us for a virtual day packed with inspiring thought leaders and industry practitioners who are: 


The game changers and champions tackling challenges & inspiring change in the film industry;

Leading on initiatives and schemes which when implemented will transform our approach to ourselves and to others in the workplace.

Brainchild of Premila Puri

The idea of the Kindness in Film Summit emerged from Premila’s collective experiences of working within the industry as a film producer, a creative educator and the founder of UK charity Be Kind Movement and the founder of the KindInvest™ Programme that takes a kind and emotionally intelligent evidence based approach towards creating a more harmonious and productive work culture.

As we slowly emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic, the time to re-evaluate and embed the values of compassion, resilience and mindfulness into our workplace and into our daily lives has never been more timely. The Summit calls for a humane mindset and a willingness to adopt a more pragmatic way of working. The Summit calls for Making Kindness the Norm.


Introducing our Host Nick Ede & Co-Host Mika Simmons

— Host Nick Ede​

"I am so honoured to be hosting the inaugural Kindness in Film Summit this year. The pure notion of kindness in all mediums is so important, and I am looking forward to hearing from the incredible panel discussions on how the film and tv industry are working on bringing kindness to the forefront of their craft.”

Presenter, Popular Culture Expert and Charity Campaigner

— Co-Host Mika Simmons

“Making films is fundamentally dependent on collaboration. And, in order for the work to reach its true potential - kindness, respect and inclusivity are of paramount importance. They are not only the bedrock of collaboration, but the antidote to extreme competition, rejection and fear. It is imperative we continue to amplify kindness, to allow our industry to thrive.”

Actress, Filmmaker and Podcaster

— Adam Rubins

"From West Wing: "A man falls in a hole and he can’t get out. His friend jumps in. Our guys says ‘are you stupid, now we’re both down here’. The friend says ‘yeah but I’ve been here before and I know the way out."

Founder, the arc

— Anna Southgate

“For the wellbeing of our colleagues and ourselves, we must work together to create a more considerate, respectful and safer industry. Kinder is better. For everyone.”

Screenwriter & Script Consultant

— Jane Murray

"In the last 20 years I have seen extraordinary growth in the corporate sector in terms of entrepreneurship, leadership and awareness of social impact, responsibility and conscience. I believe that the next wave of conscious leaders will come from media, particularly film and that their power to shape and impact our future world for good is extraordinary.”

Founder & CEO, PeaceBeam and KinderPay

— Denise Parkinson

"Kindness is king. It makes life easier in every way. Especially working in group situations. So why not make your life and the life of others a little easier."

Global Entertainment Director, OneFootball

— Gavin Ellis Unwin

To be confirmed

Head of Film and Animation, ScreenSkills

— Gar O’Brien

"The late Film Critic Roger Ebert once famously described film as "a machine that generates empathy." It's a quote that has resonated, and for good reason. Cinema has a unique ability to allow us to share in the perspectives of others, to experience and truly understand another’s feelings This is at the core of kindness."

Head of Film & Television, Irish Film & Television Academy (IFTA)

— Katie McCullough

“The power that film has can cover inspiration, education, and entertainment. The importance of how to get these stories seen is something that needs to be discussed and promoted. It’s my pleasure to be included in the inaugural summit to help start the conversation."

Managing Director, Festival Formula

— Lacey McLaughlin

"Leadership can’t happen without kindness, empathy and respect, it’s something we all need to hold ourselves accountable to. Create the culture and demonstrate the behaviours that build a future in business, entertainment and media that leave it better than you found it."

Executive Coach, LLM Consulting Group

— Leo Anna Thomas

"The Summit couldn't be coming to us at a better time, the industry is listening now more than ever. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage, connect and understand the importance of what it means to be kind when we work together!"

Wellbeing Facilitator & Standby Art Director, 6 Feet From The Spotlight

— Paul Brett

"Kindness to oneself and kindness to others are both important factors to bear in mind when coping with the stresses and strains of any business including show business. Self respect and respect for others are both vital and good business sense!"

Partner and Executive Producer, Flying Tiger Entertainment

— Pinky Lilani CBE DL

"I am delighted to be participating because Kindness lies at the heart of everything I do both personally and in my business too. It is to me the most important quality in a human being. You can never be too kind."

Founder & Chairman, Kindness & Leadership, Women of the Future Awards

— Sadhbh Murphy

"It is my pleasure to take part in this first Kindness in Film summit. My company loves acquiring and selling short films with the important message of kindness in them. Film is such a powerful tool to educate and inspire, and kindness should always be at the heart of not just our industry, but all facets of life."

Acquisitions and Sales Director, Network Ireland Television

— Zara Janjua

"Without the support, encouragement and kindness of others, the industry would be soulless. I have benefitted throughout my career from mentorship and strong human connections. No matter what stage we are at in life, we should always be mindful of the impact we can have on others and look for avenues to build bridges, not walls."

Presenter, Writer, Filmmaker,Host, Journalist & Comedian

— Sajid Varda

“Raising awareness on wellbeing within the screen industry is paramount. The pandemic has impacted us hugely leaving a strain on individuals, and now more than ever we need to implement measures that will protect and create a safe space for the creative community. UK Muslim Film are delighted to be supporting this initiative."

Founder & CEO, UK Muslim Film

— Tamara Abood

“We need to embrace anything that nudges us closer to a kinder, more nurturing work environment. This summit is a great step in that direction.”

Psychotherapist & Former Channel 4 Commissioning Editor

— Victoria Emslie

"Business not built on kindness and respect is not sustainable."

Actor and Founder, Primetime

— Bee Devine

To be confirmed

Sky Studios, Director of Content Operations

— Rebecca Ladbury

“The only true religion is kindness” - Dalai Lama

Founder, Ladbury Communications

— Victoria Taylor Roberts

"Two of kindness’ closest synonyms are empathy and humanity. In an industry whose existence rests on the exploration and celebration of what it means to be human – its primary intent being to remind us of the delicacy of our feelings – shouldn’t its vanguards more consciously practice what they preach."

Actor and Writer

— Will Hanrahan

"Kindness is at the heart of everything we do. Work hard, be kind. Always. That's what we say here. Well done. A very important summit."

Co-Founder, First Look TV

— Michelle White

"I think of kindness as a real super power. As well as being critical for connection and collective resilience - kindness enables the brain to move beyond survival mode into creativity, innovation and optimal performance. This movement to bring more kindness to the film industry builds the foundations for a healthy, creative and thriving workforce."

Co-Director, 6 Feet from the Spotlight and Psychologist

— James Skinner

"The Kindness in Film Summit is a very timely opportunity to explore ways in which film industry can better promote values of kindness on set and on screen. Values that I believe are needed now more than ever. I am really looking forward to sharing with and learning from all the other delegates."

Film & Documentary Director, Skinner Films

— Robin Millar CBE

To be confirmed

Chair, Blue Raincoat Chrysalis Group Chair, Scope UK Director, Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

— Sara Putt

"It’s my strong belief that prioritising kindness in the workplace is not only right morally but also economically beneficial. In our busy and content hungry Film and TV world freelancers are prioritising workplaces where kindness and well-being are a given. It’s fantastic therefore that this summit will provide the opportunity for us all to push this agenda forward.”

Managing Director, Sara Putt Associates

— Shakyra Dowling

"Smiles, compliments and positivity are at the heart of SDC, everyone has the power to improve someones mood or make their day better. Why would you not? As a CD we meet so many people, we love bouncing off peoples energy and I hope that works both ways."

Casting Director, Shakyra Dowling Casting

— Chris Overton

"Filmmaking requires a talented group of people to come together and trust one another. We can’t do this without respect and kindness.”

Film Director & Founder, Slick Films

— Candida Julian-Jones

"In my experience, letting people know they are valued along with a proper, genuine “thank you so much", goes a long way and costs nothing.”


— John Maidens

"As my mother has always reminded me; politeness costs nothing and a little kindness goes a long way."

Director and Executive Producer

— David Vickery

"I feel very lucky to work in our industry. It can be incredibly rewarding and challenging but it's also often very stressful. Looking after ourselves and those around us should be something we all strive to find time for and the Kindness in Film summit is a welcome step in the right direction.”

Vfx Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic

— Tracy Forsyth

"Kindness and compassion to self and others is so integrally linked to maintaining good self-esteem and the resilience that is needed to thrive in this industry, that deepening our awareness of how to do that with this summit is a wonderful idea.”

Director of Mentoring, WFTV Board Advisor, Channel 4 Indie Growth Fund Coach & Mentor, Fast Track to Fearless

— Lucy Powell

‘’Kindness is a simple word, but with huge potential behind it. It is a foundation for our industry to build upon to ensure everyone’s mental health is supported, so that they can do their best work. Film and TV needs this now more than ever. It is the key to achieving creative potential, retaining talent and industry growth.’’

Community Support Lead, Film & TV Charity

— Ita O'Brien

"Fundamental respect for everyone as a human being supports all practitioners working to the top of their game and in making the best possible work. Be kind."

Founder, Intimacy on Set

— Tania Diggory

"I'm delighted to be involved in this incredibly timely and important Summit. Kindness creates such a positive ripple effect, and having the space at this event to explore the impact of kindness in the film industry is key to ensuring a healthy, happy and productive workforce.”

Founder and Director, Calmer

— Bianca Gavin

“In order to get the best from our workforce, we need to provide a supportive and respectful environment where there is trust in procedures, sufficient resources and the confidentiality to voice concerns. I would love to see this shift in mindset, where helping the team build resilience and support well-being is understood by producers, to result in achieving the highest levels of contribution from cast and crew. I am delighted to have the opportunity to share ideas around a kindness code and raise awareness – including my own! – on this platform.”

Head of Production Scripted, Pulse Films

— Jai Al-Attas

“When we talk about true diversity, we don’t talk about the color of someones skin, gender or sexual orientation, we talk about it as someone’s lived experience - and it’s this lived experience that give people thoughts, insights and perspectives that will change the world."

Co-Founder & CEO, Creative Futures Collective

— Malikkah Rollins

"Let's harness our collective energy to create a professional community that not only embodies respect and compassion but practices them on a regular basis."

Co-founder of Documentality & Director of Industry & Education, DOC NYC

— April Kelley

"It’s a privilege to work in this industry. We get to create magic, to bring joy to others, to educate, and to offer comfort to audiences in their darkest of times. But creating this magic can sometimes feel like a curse, as the strains of production can be massively detrimental to our mental health. I feel honoured to be a part of the Kindness movement and hope to cast positive spells on the industry.”

Founder, Mini Productions and Ambassador, Bipolar UK

— Jules Hussey

"Kindness begins with having respect for others and treating people well. As a freelance producer, and a co-founder of the Call It! app, treating people with respect is at the heart of everything I do. We can engender change by setting an example and reinforcing a duty of care.”

Producer, Brazen Productions & Co-Founder, Call It! App

— Line Langebek

“These past years have made it abundantly clear that unless we want an industry in which everyone looks the same and we only only get to hear one type of stories, then we need to change the way we work. We can call that need kindness. Kindness in the way of being inclusive, kindness in the way of paying people on time, kindness in the way of creating space for voices we haven't heard from before. Kindness also means recognising all the barriers that prevent people from entering or staying in the industry."

Scriptwriter & Co-Founder, Raising Films

— Tom Brumpton

"It's a pleasure to be involved in the inaugural Kindness In Film Summit and to help support the fine work that Premila and her team are doing to help facilitate a kinder approach to working in the film industry.”

Owner, Polymath PR

— Sunshine Jackson

"Kindness in film is starting a conversation we all urgently need to have - how can we possibly expect a wide range of creative voices to flourish without a nurturing environment?”

Executive Producer

— Bob Clarke

"I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the important initiative that is Kindness in Film at a time when the industry has never needed it more. Having trained and given a start in the media to over 600 young people over the last 15 years, I am frustrated to still be hearing the same stories of poor practice from those in power. Retention remains a real issue, particularly among talent from under-represented backgrounds. By fostering a community of peer-to-peer support and ensuring that kindness is paramount, we can affect tangible change, rendering our industry and ultimately our society a better place."

Founder, MAMA Youth

— Paddy Slattery

"A wise elderly gentleman once said to me from across the hospital ward "It isn't those that know the most that have the most to say, and it isn't those that have the most that give the most away". The next morning he was literally carried out kicking and screaming to a retirement home as he had no immediate family to take care of him. That moment never left me. In an industry defined by the limitations of resources and time, kindness and compassion can be the currency that transcends those restrictions, enabling the imagination to flourish in every economic eventuality. I believe this will lead to a healthier communal and creative environment."

Writer, Director and Producer

Supporting Be Kind Movement Charity

Be Kind Movement promotes the development of emotional intelligence skills in children and young people through the education of Kindness and using the medium of film. The charity believes that educating the hearts and minds of children and young people through the development of EQ skills is critical in preparing them for the challenges they face as children today, and as adults tomorrow. This means embedding very early on a culture of kindness in young minds to encourage them to consider how kindness (or lack of it) can impact the world around them including their peers, friends, families, and wider community.

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The Kindness in Film Summit 2021 is currently a pro bono initiative where film colleagues and industry partners have collaborated to generously commit their time and services to making this a successful inaugural event. We currently have the following voluntary part time position for the month of September:

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